Rosaline Three Years later. “Helena…” Rosaline’s warning tone made the little girl

PrologueRosalineBuckinghamshire, 1815.“Oh, if only I could be still,” Rosaline murmured to herself

Read it Now Does a scandalous Duke deserve a second chance? Hidden

Read it Now The mysteries of the haunted castle are about to

          The Camden carriage pulled through the great stone archway around the

PrologueA young man stood in the thin light of the moon, looking

Chapter 1 Chloe Buckinghamshire, 1815 “Ow! You’d think by now I’d learn

ChloeFive Years Later“Oh, this is so fiddly,” Chloe murmured as she tried

Read it Now She fought for her dream with needles and pins!Leo

Read it Now They didn't believe in love. But love believed in