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An Enduring Love for the Lost Marquess

Jonathan Evers, the Marquess of Arnesmere, had everything: a successful place in his father’s business, a title to his name and most important to him, the hand of  Lady Evelyn Pritchett, daughter of the Earl of Lannishire and love of his life. His life seemed like a true fairytale...

...until he came face to face with his darkest nightmare.

Now, Lady Evelyn Pritchett, daughter of the Earl of Lannishire, will be forced to live with the loss that has overshadowed everything and everyone she ever knew as her friends and family. 

When the mystery circling her and the man she thought she had lost forever, Evelyn and Jonathan will have to fight to win their life back or prepare to live in pain forever.

Secrets, lies, and distrust seem to follow their every step as the war inside the Arnesmere home rages. One thing is certain: Evelyn and Jonathan’s time is running out and there is no turning back to the life they knew.

If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love An Enduring Love for the Lost Marquess” !

Buy “An Enduring Love for the Lost Marquess” and unlock the most exciting three love stories!

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