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Lovely Dreams of Regency Ladies

A Fiery Love for The Reluctant Duchess

Thea Caulfield has no choice but to obey her parents’ deal, one that takes her away, trapping her in a loveless marriage. The Duke of Sandon feels condemned in a life of unhappiness, constantly trying to prove his worth to others but never believing in himself. Can the two strangers start trusting each other before the world around them manages to tear them apart forever?

The Redemption of the Puzzling Governess

Mark Collingridge, the Earl of Dulshire has ignored the shadows surrounding his home and family for too long. Were it not for Delia Caulfield, his daughter’s new governess, everything he cares about would have gone up to flames. But secrets seem to haunt Delia’s every step, and with her new place in the Duke’s heart, the stakes seem to be higher than ever...

The Portrait of a Rebellious Lady

Georgette, the youngest of the Caulfield sisters has always desired a life of adventure and excitement. One last journey of freedom before her marriage will grant her the wish she holds deep in her heart. Mattia Cancio, son of the Count of Siga, is an artist resenting his parents and his title. His dream of freedom throws him in the path of the mysterious English Lady, starting an adventure that will shake both their worlds to their core...

If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Lovely Dreams of Regency Ladies” !

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